One track per day.

Today, I’m sharing it. This is for my friends and fans of my music. It’s very important to me.

I’ve gotten myself into a mega-challenging project. Perhaps the most challenging one I’ve ever taken on in my music career. I got into it 7 days ago, spent 7 days testing my spirit and focus, and today was the day I had marked for the announcement.

In a nutshell: I’m writing one track a day.
Yes, not per year. Per day.

A complete track, as fully-fledged as possible, cleanly done, diverse track; not pieced together hastily from others’ bits. It should be evident that I did it myself. With playfulness, with care. In short, it’s very challenging. I haven’t skipped work; I go to bed at 3-4 am and wake up at 10. I grab some food, look at the sun, return home, and get to work – that’s how it goes every day. By evening, my brain is either boiling or sleeping.

But I’m so, so happy doing this. And proud. And I keep replaying them.

== my playlist for the project ==

And it seems like this fucking-hard-work was strictly necessary for my existence. No excuses or evasions, just pushing through and taking pride in the result. I didn’t give up on, like, the third day, but I find myself in… you know, kind of like on an expedition. In September, I prepared for the expedition – packed my things, drew a map, checked the weather… but then in October, you’re already in the woods, and that’s it. There’s no delivery, no taxi, whatever you didn’t do – it’s your own fault, you’re fucked. BUT.

This turned out to be the kind of expedition that I, it seems, can handle. For the first time in a long while, I’m filled with anticipation, rather than exhaustion, simultaneously with an intense, intense workload.

Well then, to the point. Why am I writing this to you?

  1. Help me find the right places for people to listen to this. Any ideas?

I absolutely have no time for anything else. If I dive into searching, I’ll waste one of my days, and I want to be proud of all the work as much as possible. Are there any media outlets, newspapers, public pages interested in such a venture? Thematic pages by genre for one of the tracks? A blogger? Honestly, I just can’t handle it, and I hate doing it (searching for places and people). If I don’t sleep, I’ll end up writing such garbage that nobody will want it, and there’s simply nothing left to remove from my schedule. I offer music that’s very easy to access and a bright head behind it capable of answering questions. I speak English ok-ish. YouTube (and SoundCloud). Releasing it on platforms will come after October, but it’s cooler to see it now while I’m doing it.

Any actual help is welcome. Introduce me to somebody. That’s ideal. Give me an idea. Also cool.

By the way, I create the album covers myself, right on my phone, using my own photos, during breaks. Seems alright.

  1. Second request. This is more valuable.

If you’re a listener of Vospi, please listen to Vospi!

  • Facebook has shadowbanned me, I now think. Over 1300 people follow Vospi, and there’s only 1 like from John Oestmann who just talked to me personally. Another one on the first. THAT’S IT. This has never happened before. Years of recruiting a real fan base from all sorts of sources like Pump, Cytus – all down the drain.
  • Everyone is on Instagram, which I hate, where music is in snippets and they won’t listen to the full thing, and it’s uncomfortable to listen, and there’s no concentration for 3-5 minutes anyway.
  • And usually, I don’t invite people to listen, stomping my feet at them. My old tracks are just there, so I feel ashamed to ask. Feel not deserving.

But now I definitely deserve it. Because I’m making a tangible contribution. There’s no way I’m not.

With 6 tracks, I’ve covered a bunch of mixing genres and styles, sang, played guitars, synthesized sounds, went for walks in parks, and even fell into a well. What else do you need?

I know what:
another 25 days of new stuff. T W E N T Y – F I V E.

Can I even pull it off? I want to know too. That’s why I didn’t write for 7 days, and I didn’t write in advance either.

In general, instead of short slogans and emojis (hey! copypasted love! listen to me! yay!), I decided to put my soul into this and say it honestly. I messed up. I had a good thing going once. But I lost my regular listeners, they scattered because I’m a lazy bum. Because I rested on my laurels in 2009 and then realized it far too late.

So, I come to you with reconciliation – look, I’m working it out. I’m working it out, and I’ll work it out even more. And I’ll do it with joy.

Right now, I’m posting it on YouTube. I’m mirroring it on Twitter and Facebook in English. I quit Instagram after three days for now. I’d have to post full tracks there. I can’t keep up. And I don’t want to deal with snippets; they won’t listen to the full thing anyway, everyone wants to scroll to the cats and to the next post. And I don’t have the heart for this garbage dump of snippets that disrespects content. It breaks my heart to see how that toad squares, compresses, shrinks, and so on, the most beautiful drawings by Jane, my girlfriend. Authors are treated like water faucets, viewers like blind kittens. I won’t even mention how the sound sounds. Okay, sorry for the outburst.

🎵 Here’s my YouTube, easy to remember:

Tracks appear there every night. Let them bring you joy? ❤

If you have another place that’s useful to you for notifications, please let me know. Posting in 16 different networks for no reason is silly, but my part of the job is to ensure that the material easily reaches you, not to call you where you don’t go.

Maybe this is my last chance to be useful before AI starts making good music. Maybe I’m actually creating the Vospi dataset for the neural networks right now, and you can kill me later.

But for now, I’m very much alive.


Vospi · Vospi – #inktober2023