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Vospi – Reverence EP

I actually did it a while ago, but only now I feel something special about it and am very, very pleased and proud to invite you in. Hey there! :)

Vospi - Reverence EP is out.
Google / Apple / Amazon

It includes two tracks, one of which you very probably know from our previous contacts — or, yes, from Cytus. ;)

Beautiful artworks by Fantazerka are there to stay, don't you think?

Beautiful artworks by Fantazerka are here to stay, don't you think?

other Fantazerka's works in HD

01. Reverence is here in full blossom: we're never should be settled at just posting old tracks out, right? I've added very, very subtle but pleasing sounds here and there to the whole track and used my every mastering knowledge to indulge your ears without breaking the whole. If you have your best headphones ready, then it's time to go hunting for little things that are part of Reverence now.

02. Strong and Beautiful Ones is a ballad from a period when I wrote Reverence. It's very simple, it's organic instruments only. Maybe every creator has so much to say about cherished tracks, I'll just say the most important thing.

I love people. I sincirely admire things we can do. I'm proud of being a part of whole world around us that's happening every second, and it's us — feeble, small people — who are the most strong inspiration for each other. Certainly for me in my 30 years of life. Without others, I would never have a place to live.

And I know that not all of us share this thought, but I don't think I would have another life to spare, so I won't wait to say I love you.
Maybe we all shouldn't, too?

Thank your for listening, and special cheers to all special people around the world who breathe meaning into my life.

P.S.: Thanks to your support this album is now not only on iTunes, but on Google Play, Amazon and, hooray, Spotify! I think you even can find Reverence with Shazam, who would've thought :) And if you're into Instagram or Youtube, let's meet there. (I don't use Twitter, darling.)

Vospi – video out d cries out

He's almost saying "please remember me".
I have plenty of sureness that you and I won't forget each other, but sometimes it just breaks something inside.

My music page.

STOLEN VIP, Vospi’s album, is ready.

Vospi original tracks + bemani remixes — that's what STOLEN VIP is.
So let me give you some answers about what the hell is going on.

To buy a CD, scroll below! :)

• Can I listen online?

By all means. You're welcome.

01. Vospi - Stolen Ouverture
02. Vospi stole TaQ - empathy (total trust mix)
03. Vospi stole T.E.M.P.O feat. Mohammed&Emi - Jane (loves) Jana
04. Vospi stole Melissa Williamson - You Are Not Here (time for tears mix)
05. Vospi stole Dust Devil - Reterminator
06. Vospi - got STOLEN?
07. Vospi stole TaQ - empathy (total trust mix VIP)
08. Vospi - Nebulous

Youtube, Soundcloud and vk.com are at your service, so please help yourself. I don't mean to hide anything of that behind paywalls or likewalls or some other things, and for some time things will stand this way for me. If you like what you hear, tell someone a word, I appreciate it.

• What's that?

This CD contains a lot of me and includes tracks from 2008 to 2015. Most of them were never released before.

It's rare to find rhythm games' tracks, like from DDR or IIDX or ITG, remixed in a particular genre. Remixes usually sound either "japanese" or "childish" in some sense, and we are not used to dark drum-n-bass remixes to, say, TaQ. That's the thing you can find here, along with some mellow melodies of course — I don't know about you, but I can't live without them, without the feeling of big imaginary orchestra playing inside of me.

This work is a big value for me, so I did a CD.

• A music CD?

This CD, besides audiotracks, includes fully-tagged mp3s and FLACs, more beautiful pictures from brilliant, caring Eugenia. It costs $5 and I did the pressing because I knew, for sure, that someone would want it. If you want one and shipping from Russia does not scare you, email me about it, and you will get it.

I will be happy to add an extra something for everyone who orders.

Most musicians are dead-set to think that their music speaks instead of them, but I do like speaking for myself. If you want to know something, message me.

Now, please enjoy STOLEN VIP.


Vospi – Stolen Ouverture

And finally, here it comes.

I will tell you more in one day. Come back in 24 hours.

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Vospi – Kind Words (feat. Leila)

I was asked about Leila, about who she is and why I even mention that pretty name. We had a nice discussion on Facebook, and it still goes on. While I'm here, I just wanted to say once again that Leila means very much to me, not as a musician and not as a friend but more like... happening. Something that happened to me.

Leila performs during one of our live sessions.

Leila performs during one of our live sessions.

This track was never shared before, though it's 3 years old. Please enjoy it, and all the mailing list subscribers will have a download by the end of month. There's no way I'm going to hide this music here anymore.

Maslo in PIU Pro 2 – redone

As you may know, I've got Maslo licensed for use in PIU Pro2 game.
The following post concerns people who actually play this game, as I do.

(1) I did edit steps for the song and want to present them to you. :)
For the download link, read further.

download Maslo simfile + Vospi's rainbow edit

(2) During research, I've discovered that the quality of the track was noticeably degraded. Compared to the original lossless track I gave to developers, the game's cut sounded way worse than 320kbps ogg should. This, and also some minor syncing issues, are fixed in the simfile you can download from the link above, but still I wonder, did other respectful producers like Sanxion, Celldweller (Switchback is clearly offsync on the machine!), Zircon etc. that were licensed by Fun in Motion noticed that their product was processed, to say so, ineffectively? And will we have a single music game machine that's delivered from syncing and editing issues? I would be gald to see that, and I have to admit that Pro 2 got as close as it probably could, and still I'm looking for more.

Vospi – Plutay

November in Krasnodar

This whole piece was done far from home studio in my friends' places.
Russian verb "plutat" means "to stray".

Write me a word. Long time no see. :)
I really hope you like it.

Vospi – Draft 74

Draft 74

Listen to a new song Draft 74 on the music page.
Also on Vospi's Soundcloud — here.

* brilliant artwork by Letaur

questions and answers

Have you got any? :)

hello, amy.

Amy wrote:

Thank you for sharing this.

I first heard Maslo in Pump It Up Pro 2. The song really caught my attention, so I went online to look for it and found the full version here. The first time I heard the full version, it blew me away and moved me to tears. I have listened to it over and over many times since then, and it still blows me away (and also sometimes moves me to tears again). Your technical skill as a producer is amazing, but it wouldn’t mean anything without all the emotion you put into the music. You have such great attention to detail, every little inflection on the notes and sounds just tugs at my heart.

I personally feel that this song perfectly expresses many of the emotions I’m going through right now. But music is subjective, and I wonder what you were feeling when you wrote this song. I would guess, something completely different than what I feel when I hear it :) One of the beautiful things about music, every listener can have a different personal experience of it.

Great work. I cannot even express to you how much I am moved by it.

Hello, Amy.

Maslo means a lot to me. It stands right on the edge between… let’s say between what I want to do (as a musician) and what I want to hear (as a sound engineer if I can call myself that). It wasn’t the thing that was woooorked and wooorked out hard — it's something that just, well, happened to me, and I think you know what I mean. It lived without me and grew that way.

But it’s not the point.

These days my mind is getting more and more seduced by electronic music, and the majority of it is tasteless, frigid trash that teaches us to follow dancefloor standard. It feels like someone is pushing me far from my beloved notes to cold and fearless synths, and I can’t resist. And every single word in your comment just drags me back to the world where I want to belong to, where I really want to stay now for some time. It seemed that there’re not so much of these words left for me, but still…

“Thank you for sharing this.”.

Vince asked:

Who is the guy who lend his voice on Smells Like A Chocolate? :D

Nice!! :) Our team (which is HUGE, you know! *sparkling smile*) had to choose between Gackt and Tony Colman but we ended up picking me because I don't have a lawyer.

Seriously, I like to pretend that I know how to sing. Yeeeah, right.

Thanks for your comment, it made me smile :)

Rik Mendez (at Facebook) said:

whoa wait a second what happened to Video Out F?

Yes! And we have a winner here! ;D I'm doing video out (insertletterhere) series since... oh god, since 2005. :D so it's quite a custom already. Rik was the first one to notice that the line of a, b, c, d, and e suddenly was followed with video out g and still lacks F — thank you for your attention! video out g was based on a draft for video out f. :) That's why.

You'd like to ask something special, too? I'm keen to hear your questions.

I'd like to sincerely thank everyone mentioned in this post. Write me back again, please.

nu:tone – broken (vospi remix)

It's there, done in one day, only vocal line is used, everything else is original. So, Nu:Tone - Broken (featuring Kyan) (Vospi remix) is available in the music section, and I really hope you'll enjoy that one.

If you're a DJ and would like to have the track in HQ, message me.
And don't forget to have a nice day. :)