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let discussion begin

Comments prescreening is disabled now; you don't have to wait for your comment to be approved anymore. I thought it was a bit unfair of me, and now you're welcome to leave your brilliant test comment :) let discussion begin! Also, it's a bit hard to track all the comments — I found it out while travelling to Kiev, Ukraine. Here I was participating in Vospi's and Michael Rybak's Workshop live event being held during 2nd Ukraine Animation Festival.

Everything was very cozy; we sang and played our favourites for friends in a small hall full of nice sofas :) I believe you already can watch youtube for videos — more to come for sure due to Lapshinji. Thanks everyone for coming! Me and Michael were very happy to meet again in front of all of you.

I’m 23 — get BASS THROUGH!

Okay, I'm 23 now. :)
It's gonna be a nice day, and I'll be happy if you celebrate it with receiving small present from me.


Vospi - Bass Through! (320 kbps full)

Yeah, that's right. Now this drum and bass track which was reworked, like, for 5 times since 2008, is totally free. I'm tired of hiding it, of remastering it, of sending it to producers, of digging through endless renderings and knobs tweakings. This day is perfect to rock out the way I would really like — with you.

Kind Words featured in SoulPunk podcast

Okay, some dnb-teaser for you.

TAM Records resident ZyZ/Ruffen got my track Kind Words (feat. Leila) included in his podcast. This track is long, it features vocals performed by Leila and myself — for me it was prrrretty exctiting that it was played almost to the very ending. This blog features only

version of the track (that is BTW already signed to Respect Records and hopefully is coming out this year), so... if you want to check it out for free and give a peek at other russian soulful producers, you're welcome to download SoulPunk Ru Part 3 podcast.

And the mix is pretty neat and sweet. ;)

smells like a chocolate

Dear girls! I'm happy to congratulate you on International Women's Day! I have a little lounge'n'rock present for you, and it Smells Like a Chocolate. Go get it in the music section now.

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snow stream

St. Valentine's day is coming and I'm giving you a present. Download my new creation Snow Stream in the music section right now.

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