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(1) Good morning! :) (2) Today you're welcome to listen to not quite presents. This track is dedicated to my friends and their love. Please be beautiful and live in peace! :) (3) Bass Through (which is located in music demo section) was updated. (4) Spoiler: I will get one unreleased Vospi's live track uploaded on Vospi's Youtube channel soon. Snow Stream wasn't the only one to play during that bright day. (5) Good evening! :)

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massive site update

Okay, huge site update! First of all, you should check out new video posted on Vospi's Youtube channel. It's piano version of a Snow Stream song performed live back at 2006 — quite an old one but I hope it's still enjoyable. Secondary, I'm proud to present new music sections to you! Not only that covers section was updated but two new groups are added now! Acoustic/live clips section provides live versions of the songs recorded here and there, and Vospi remixed section, according to its title, contains Vospi's tunes remixed by someone. Send your remixes if you have ones, and I'd be glad to post the best ones on the page. Any other feedbacks are also appreciated, thank you for it! By the way, _1313 is doing a very good job on the new page engine and design, so expect some changes, news and BIG bemani-related release soon!

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old videos

This post is here to host links to old videos that were on the previous site. Please don't be scared.
Part of Snow Stream piano version played live (20 megs)
Vospi AA's MAX300 Heavy for the first time (21 megs) + subtitles || rus || eng
Vospi plays Chinese Restaurant NM no bar on Russian Pump Championship 2006 (7 megs)
Vospi's Keyboard AA on Quasar 1x flat (7 megs)
Vospi passes Classic Oni Course (37 megs)
Vospi passes World Tour Oni Course (58 megs)
Vospi gets AA on Gaussian Blur (REALLY OLD VID) (15 megs)
Tigra gets AA on Blue Army (REALLY OLD VID) (15 megs)

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mr. update

Hey, they call me Mr. Update today! Hello everybody, I'm here to thank you for hitting my page more and more and to present you some new tracks and bonuses. First of all, music section was updated. Not only with glitchy video out d and toothkicking BarGain, but with a brand new Lonely Pretender track. Don't forget to look through new videos and find Snow Stream live among them! To add more, simfiles section was updated with Stepmix2 entries and some nice KB files from popular packs. If you would like to review something you saw or heard here or just to tell me something you want to, please use contacts section and get me via mail, ICQ or livejournal.


Превед, кросавчеги! Hello everybody, long time no see. Some fresh news: I've participated in 3rd Russian DDR Nationals (btw, here's

      promo clip
I made for it) and took 1st place, also you were able to see me in Voronezh at the 6th Russian Anime Festival, I was cosplaying Jin from Samurai Champloo. :) The site also just had HUGE update. Check music, videos and especially simfiles sections attentively.