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Maslo in PIU Pro 2 – redone

As you may know, I've got Maslo licensed for use in PIU Pro2 game.
The following post concerns people who actually play this game, as I do.
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new simfile – [keyboard] Quick Master Millenium Mix

New simfile from Vospi — click to download.


Don't forget to check out other files! ;)

simfiles update 2010-19-01

Kind of a status message: Pump It Up page was updated (fixed banners for PIU Pro; now pro banners are set by default). Look for full changelog in the near future! Simfiles section promo video is in development.

Also, some PIU Pro no bar scores. Suddenly, I'm in training again. :)

mysterious radio?

Wanna catch the wild mysterious radio? xD

Take a close look at the sidebar on the right side of any page. If you can see the link titled vospi.com secret stream, be quick and click on it! If you're lucky, be sure that in a minute you will hear something pretty fu... pretty exclusive.

Also, get ready for some release news and new site sections. We're getting ready to be listed on stepmania.com, so we need MOAR SIMFILZZZ and detailed faq.

Have a nice day!
Sincerely yours, Zebra.

mr. update

Hey, they call me Mr. Update today! Hello everybody, I'm here to thank you for hitting my page more and more and to present you some new tracks and bonuses. First of all, music section was updated. Not only with glitchy video out d and toothkicking BarGain, but with a brand new Lonely Pretender track. Don't forget to look through new videos and find Snow Stream live among them! To add more, simfiles section was updated with Stepmix2 entries and some nice KB files from popular packs. If you would like to review something you saw or heard here or just to tell me something you want to, please use contacts section and get me via mail, ICQ or livejournal.

ITG 3!

Okay, now it's 100% confirmed information. Vospi's music was included in the tracklist of In The Groove 3, latest arcade machine of In The Groove series. Be sure to check it out! Also, this page was updated. Some fresh'n'hot keyboard simfiles and a brand new lounge track Lisitsa Kradyotsa were published. Have a nice time enjoying these files!

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Превед, кросавчеги! Hello everybody, long time no see. Some fresh news: I've participated in 3rd Russian DDR Nationals (btw, here's

      promo clip
I made for it) and took 1st place, also you were able to see me in Voronezh at the 6th Russian Anime Festival, I was cosplaying Jin from Samurai Champloo. :) The site also just had HUGE update. Check music, videos and especially simfiles sections attentively.