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drum-n-bass related post

First of all, I have to announce that two of my dnb tracks (Too fast To Age and its remix called love VIP version) are released on digital label Liquid Brilliants and are available to buy at Juno and other places you prefer. Please check things-to-buy section for more info.

Secondary, I'd like to show you the way to a new file that just appeared in the mixes section —

      vospi's live at fukken exclusive radio 26-27.11.09
— and leave a big shout to Chidora for recording this. I hope that the set is enjoyable and I promise to practice more.


Brookes Brothers And Furlonge - Drifter
Vospi - Bass Through! (+ Frou Frou - Let Go)
Vospi - Serotonin
Vospi - Nervous
Ross D - Highway Patrol
Vospi - Too Fast To Age (love VIP version)
Danny Byrd vs Brookes Brothers - Paperchase
xxdbxx - Cherokee
Sota Fujimori - Electrorgasm
Vospi - roboposition!!

today’s broadcast

For everyone who can understand me. ;)
Tonight's air which started as a joke now means very much to me. And I cannot find the right amount of words to thank you.

Огромное спасибо.

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mysterious radio?

Wanna catch the wild mysterious radio? xD

Take a close look at the sidebar on the right side of any page. If you can see the link titled vospi.com secret stream, be quick and click on it! If you're lucky, be sure that in a minute you will hear something pretty fu... pretty exclusive.

Also, get ready for some release news and new site sections. We're getting ready to be listed on stepmania.com, so we need MOAR SIMFILZZZ and detailed faq.

Have a nice day!
Sincerely yours, Zebra.