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strong and beautiful ones

New track: Strong and Beautiful Ones. Grab it from music section. :)

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(1) Good morning! :) (2) Today you're welcome to listen to not quite presents. This track is dedicated to my friends and their love. Please be beautiful and live in peace! :) (3) Bass Through (which is located in music demo section) was updated. (4) Spoiler: I will get one unreleased Vospi's live track uploaded on Vospi's Youtube channel soon. Snow Stream wasn't the only one to play during that bright day. (5) Good evening! :)

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massive site update

Okay, huge site update! First of all, you should check out new video posted on Vospi's Youtube channel. It's piano version of a Snow Stream song performed live back at 2006 — quite an old one but I hope it's still enjoyable. Secondary, I'm proud to present new music sections to you! Not only that covers section was updated but two new groups are added now! Acoustic/live clips section provides live versions of the songs recorded here and there, and Vospi remixed section, according to its title, contains Vospi's tunes remixed by someone. Send your remixes if you have ones, and I'd be glad to post the best ones on the page. Any other feedbacks are also appreciated, thank you for it! By the way, _1313 is doing a very good job on the new page engine and design, so expect some changes, news and BIG bemani-related release soon!

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un desiderio segreto

A new live piano track is available. Recording quality is poor, but I'm still proud to present you my new piece un desiderio segreto, mostly composed during actual recording. Once again, please excuse me for this poor sound quality and badly tuned piano, I hope it won't spoil your joy. You can find this new piece in the music section and "rightclick - save as" as usual. Also, I suggest you to subscribe to Vospi's Youtube channel cause I'm getting some old live videos ready to be posted and still have some other interesting stuff. Thank you :)

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introducing mixes section

New mixes section added and filled with hot stuff. There you can get some info about Vivabemani series and other mixes produced by Vospi. As usual, full length downloads are available, too.

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(1) Hello everybody :) (2) New (suddenly!) electro track roboposition!! is waiting for you in the music section! (3) Expect this site to change a lot very soon. (4) Join Vospi's Youtube channel. It'll be fun :)

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Interesting demo was just posted. Please check it out, because hey, I'm a little Nervous.

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idance songs

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my tracks featured in the iDance demo! For you, site was updated with Davno Hotel Skazat (special), song edit that features in the game. Moreover, We Met Dat Night was remastered. Sweet Tornado, 3rd iDance track, is still here, of course. Find all this stuff and brand new soulful track Love Maths (feat. Leila) in the music section. And one more thing for all of you. "Davno Hotel Skazat" means "wanted to tell it for a long time" in Russian and has NO connection with some hotels as you may think. Don't get me wrong, guys, and please enjoy the sound! :)

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too fast too age VIP

An interesting demo was just posted. Please check out Too Fast To Age (love VIP version)!

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music and myspace

2 new tracks and some videos were added. Ne Perebivay brings calm and smooth mood while video out e kicks the video out series again - faster, better, stronger. Also I'd like to say that now you can enjoy official Vospi MySpace page. Add this profile to your friends list to connect with Vospi directly and to get all the fresh news first. This site will stay alive though, and still would be the largest archive of Vospi's works. Thanks for your support!

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