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drum and bass — THE POST

As requested, I'd like to present all my dnb-related tracks released by now in one place.  Top 5 are the best ones, as for me. Please (!) do not forget that my music selection is not limited to drum and bass. :) Also, keep in mind that if you want 320kbps version of any track, just contact me; we can work it out, I'll be glad to take your requests. This list doesn't include the tracks from minialbum STOLEN because it's not officially released yet.

Vospi - Lonely Pretender (+ acoustic version)
Vospi - Nervous (unsigned demo)
Vospi - Reverence
Vospi - Bass Through!
Vospi - Love Maths (feat. Leila)
Vospi - Serotonin
Vospi - 120 seconds

Vospi - Eating Candies
Vospi - Lisitsa Kradyotsa
Vospi - Menthol
Vospi - Tender Pink Story
Vospi - Sun Son Sunday Orange Mix
Vospi - Do Not Wake (demo)
Vospi tortures Des-ROW - deathkenkai
Vospi - Directonic (really old one!)

signed tracks:
Vospi - Too Fast To Age (buy full)
Vospi - Too Fast To Age love VIP version (buy full)
Vospi - Kind Words (feat. Leila) (beloved cut! buy full)

Cheers you party people!
upd.: haaahahah, welcome to Russia! :) a bit funny but thanks guys xD

Reverence – 320kbps

Suddenly a lot of requests appeared, so... I wouldn't ignore them. Now Reverence became 2nd track which is available in 320 here — Bass Through! was the first one. Please use this file carefully and don't forget to link to vospi.com, please. :)

Vospi - Reverence (320kbps full)

If you like this track then I think you should try Love Maths and Serotonin, they can be found here as usual. :) (Get my RSS feed btw to be informed.)

smells like a chocolate

Dear girls! I'm happy to congratulate you on International Women's Day! I have a little lounge'n'rock present for you, and it Smells Like a Chocolate. Go get it in the music section now.

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filling with updates

Update in the simfiles section -- keyboard files for Snow Stream, Sun Son Sunday Orange Mix and Video Out B are up. I'm also uploading more of my old tracks, they will appear in the music section soon.

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snow stream

St. Valentine's day is coming and I'm giving you a present. Download my new creation Snow Stream in the music section right now.

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