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Vospi – Maslo (promo video)

Funny promotional video for new house song. I'm really satisfied with synthwork here and getting into it deeper and deeper. We've enjoyed making this, hope you will, too!

Kind Words featured in SoulPunk podcast

Okay, some dnb-teaser for you.

TAM Records resident ZyZ/Ruffen got my track Kind Words (feat. Leila) included in his podcast. This track is long, it features vocals performed by Leila and myself — for me it was prrrretty exctiting that it was played almost to the very ending. This blog features only

version of the track (that is BTW already signed to Respect Records and hopefully is coming out this year), so... if you want to check it out for free and give a peek at other russian soulful producers, you're welcome to download SoulPunk Ru Part 3 podcast.

And the mix is pretty neat and sweet. ;)


(1) Good morning! :) (2) Today you're welcome to listen to not quite presents. This track is dedicated to my friends and their love. Please be beautiful and live in peace! :) (3) Bass Through (which is located in music demo section) was updated. (4) Spoiler: I will get one unreleased Vospi's live track uploaded on Vospi's Youtube channel soon. Snow Stream wasn't the only one to play during that bright day. (5) Good evening! :)

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Interesting demo was just posted. Please check it out, because hey, I'm a little Nervous.

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too fast too age VIP

An interesting demo was just posted. Please check out Too Fast To Age (love VIP version)!

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