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What are simfiles?

First of all you think, like, why should I care?

Because it's all about music, rhythm and having extreme fun.
Are you interested? Go on and read further, I'd be happy to guide you through my hobby.

It's rhythm games — the games where you have to interact with music and concentrate on music while being guided with it through stunning and breathcatching rhythm patterns. At least this is the way I saw them when I got fascinated probably once and for all. There are myriads of these games; the most popular are the arcade ones like DDR, Pump It Up, In The Groove where you have to step on panels with your feet; in some games you also have to press keys, play a guitar, wave your hands... anyway, I see this as interacting with the rhythm. That's the thing I do, like, all my life, from clapping my hands to humming to the melody; are you good at humming? At clapping? Maybe you're the best at finger drumming your table? And let me guess — YOU LOVE MUSIC. Please let me go on then. :)

Never heard of these games? Not a surprise for me. Of course finding and trying rhythm games out was not an easy task. In the very beginning, the vast majority of them was produced in Japan — can you imagine how many machines or copies for home gaming consoles were around in Russia? Lemme tell you, they're not very well spread in Europe even now, even though the whole craze started at 1997! So what's the way around? What's the way around if you want to operate a plane but don't have access to the real one?

That's right. Simulation.

Download free software called Stepmania while we're speaking. That is the way most of us tried rhythm games for the first time. You won't need any special hardware, keyboard is ok. Stepmania has got all the guts to simulate virtually every rhythm game available, but... there are NO songs, no music. Nothing to listen to and nothing to interact with. That's why you need to download simfiles; oh, I see, you've tvigged that already... Simfiles are the actual music content for the game that can be created by anyone. And you can customize the software with your favourite songs (or explore new ones), so joy could be endless (so they say?).

Once I've discovered those games, I already knew that I WANT to do custom songs for them. Once I've tried it, I knew it will turn into addiction, so that's it. For me, doing simfiles is a great way to pay respect to your favourite artists. It's creative work and it involves some kind of competition and challenge. Everything we hi-tech-music-geeks loved.

So, here I'm sharing my passion. But if you want some clear instructions, you should proceed here (for beginners) or here (if you want to find something special or track down your local community). It's really hard to give you one "right" link because the cause is so vast and spread... the whole new world, you know.

Please ask your question via comments if you need more help. Once you've built up your skill a bit, please come back and try out my simfiles. There's some music I really adore. I hope they're good, enjoyable, etc. If you look carefully, you'll find out I got almost any difficulty covered by now. This post is not for advertising purposes or something; I just hope it clears a bit WHY some misterious game files are uploaded on the artist's page.

(Psst! Cheers to whole music games community. Once upon a time you've changed my life. :))

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