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Stepmania Fixes project

Stepmania community gave birth to many KB packs; some of them are really famous among fans for quality and replayability, but some stepmakers are just not careful enough.

I can spot all the kinds of critical faults every time I'm checking out a new pack, varied from bad cuts to wrong bpms or pauses. Sometimes it gets even worse if you look inside the file and see for yourself what actually caused the mess. In my opinion, these things spoil the game, because its precision is based on music, right?

I've managed to fix some of the files and that's the place to share them. I really hope that this database will grow. If you can't see Google Spreadsheet below, check your browser, adblock or whatever. Also, scroll down for changelog.


24.11.2013: All non-KBMP files' sync was updated.
24.11.2010: Added Blue Rose.
20.11.2010: This time changelog doesn't fit in one single line. So...

• Old KBMP files updated to KBMP1.5:
votum stellarum
war game

• Bugs fixed:
DMYK's mp3 was reedited in order to avoid BPM problems;
every old file was resynced to meet ITG standards.

• New files added:
Geno's Woods
Kick Your A
Reversing Darts
Winnipeg is Fucking Over

17.08.2010: Updated Nuon (thanks to ~Zero~ for handy fix!).
27.07.2010: Added Blue Army, Shind Bad and SigSig.

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  1. Hmm. What is GST?

    • soundtrack that ripped directly from line out of arcade machine (IIDX or GF for example). actually it's very choppy and strange, so you shouldn't use it for precisely timed purposes like simmaking. also it could lead to BPM mistakes (like it was in Eggman's quasar; I believe that GST sound confused BPM detector)

  2. Thanks for Quasar. It sounds really cool now. Of course, i took no notice of wrong BPM. :)

  3. Hey vospi, its me ~Zero~. I doubt you remember me since i havent been on SMO in forever and we havent played since forever. So i decided to check out these fixes. I played Nuon and the gimmick changes seemed to be inaccurate because it went off sync. So I decided to fix the stops to make them accurate, I uploaded the .sm for you. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ib25rlg9rre

  4. can’t see the google spreadsheet in chrome of firefox. i saw it when you first put this page up.

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