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Pump It Up

If you run a place with your custom PIU machine, you'll like this section. All files' offsets are synced to PIU Pro standard so it should be onsync on your PIU Pro setup. Please note: banner graphics are adapted for PIU Pro (banner pictures are not square). If you want these files to look cool in your Pumpmania setup, please remember that every archive contains banners folder. Just overwrite the existing one with the banner you need — et voila!

FILES ARE UP; finally you can enjoy the thing!

Currently 7 files in the section.

last updated: 2010-01-19

Vospi - got STOLEN?

crazy: 13; nightmare: 13

Download got STOLEN? simfile for StepmaniaEnding theme from my minialbum called STOLEN. A really agressive track; crazy difficulty is A LOT harder to play on PIU Pro.


crazy: 13; nightmare: 13

Download You Ain't No Family simfile for StepmaniaI believe this chart and this track are hugely underrated. Just try it out to feel the power of growling vocal and fast bassdrum — maybe you're strong enough to cope?

Danny Byrd ft. Brookes Brothers - Gold Rush

crazy: 13; nightmare: 13

Download Gold Rush simfile for StepmaniaA real drum and bass hit that can easily get you into the genre if you've never tasted it before. Stepchart features standard dnb pattern that is very fun to play though.

Viktor Korolev & Yana Pavlova - Devtchonka Ryjaya

crazy: 10; nightmare: 10

Download Devtchonka Ryjaya simfile for StepmaniaI don't like this kind of pop-for-poor but stepchart seems to be neat and nice on pad. Song is still awful, though. :)

Lyapis Trubetskoy - Goyko Mitic

crazy: 11; nightmare: 12

Download Goyko Mitic simfile for StepmaniaFunny russian ska-like song that fits pump-style steps very well. You have to be good at triple holds if you want to get a good score!

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - Moment

crazy: 13; nightmare: 14

Download Moment simfile for StepmaniaAn ingenious piano piece turned into a joke file — hey, do you think you can fullcombo ANY nightmare chart? ;)

Zapreshennie Barabanshiki - Kotovskiy

crazy: 12; nightmare: 12

Download Kotovskiy simfile for StepmaniaThis simfile took infinity to sync, but after all it's even playable on PIU Pro judgement settings; a really fun song, a really interesting chart — I recommend to try it out.

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  1. I just downloaded the whole pack and played all songs. Actually I ended up here because I was looking for the PRO files for Smells Like A Chocolate.

    I really like those songs. I’ll keep an eye from now on to see if you publish more simfiles like those, thank you very much for sharing them with us.

  2. ECUADOR FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got Stolen????????? =)

  3. Hi, vospi c:

    First of all, I really like your songs. Especially the ones in Pump It Up games like Smells Like Chocolate and Nervous.

    Here’s some questions:
    Who’s the vocal for Nervous? I really like his voice.
    And then what devices you use for making your music?

    Keep making music fun! :D

  4. Hey Vospic!

    I just wanna tell that I love your music. I discovered in the PIU EX (Smells Like a Chocolate) and I have to tell that it’s beatiful.

    Thank you so much! And keep making music please!!!

  5. не подскажете как на компе можно в памп играть? то степмания есть, а там только DDR, а я знаю, что до этого у меня был и памп в степмании. Помогите, плиз!

  6. I just wanted to know..that “Vospi” is your real name ?
    Thank you !!

  7. Hello vospi!
    I just found out about Pump It Up lately and got infatuated with your song “Smells Like a Chocolate”, because it does smell like a chocolate :”)
    I’ll do my best to upgrade my level lol
    You too, wish you luck in all of your endeavors!<3

    • Thank you for your kind words, the song was done with best intentions and inspired by great people like Tomosuke, which hopefully gave it this flavour.

      I’m uploading quite a lot of new songs right now, I hope you like them as well, though they’re much more filled with sorrow.

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