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These were created to play on a keyboard, but you can also try to bring them to your custom ITG machine or something. All stepcharts were designed by Vospi; mostly these files were created for some simpacks. If some simfile is used for a pack and it is known about it, it'll be mentioned below. Please do not use these files in your packs without permission but feel free to contact me if you want to ask. All files offsets are synced to ITG Officials standard so it should be onsync on dedicab ITG machines.

Currently 34 files in the section

latest version: r001 (2012-08-28)

Andy Page - Serpent

Download Serpent simfile for StepmaniaThe file has a great story. Serpent track was never released in digital formats, so I've quantized a vinyl rip. The first part is all about syncopated jumpstreams, while the seconds follows gourgeous glitchy solo that creates the very joy of this file. I love playing it, hope you will, too. Featured in: CKBMP4.

Imogen Heap - Aha!

Download Aha! simfile for StepmaniaThe file that I'm really proud of. Imogen Heap's song from her brilliant Grammy-winning Ellipse CD turned out to be very fun layered with hands and holds. Try it. It will pay off, I'm sure. Featured in: CKBMP4.

True Kiss Destination - Africa

Download Africa simfile for StepmaniaMusic theme from Dancing Stage: True Kiss Destination game that I loved back in the days; I was able to find the HQ source for the music file and to create this stepchart. Not a hard one, but the song is smooth and quite catchy; I like it myself.

act deft & Millennium Project - Quick Master Millenium Mix

Download Quick Master Millenium Mix simfile for StepmaniaThis strange electronic song from Pop'n really motivates me all the time. Pretty enjoyable for Bemani lovers. ;)
Featured in: too fresh to feature anywhere.

Vospi - video out e

Download video out e simfile for StepmaniaA fast and furious sim for layer-style lovers continues video out series; wanna download original track for free?
Featured in: XOON3 that broke switched all difficulty settings to some modern style which I personally hate.

MilkCan - We Are Milkcan!!

Download We Are Milkcan!! simfile for StepmaniaDefinitely the funniest sim in this section by far, it introduces a very special and strange song performed by the band that exists only in UmJammerLammy game. Watch out fast jumpstream in the end.
Featured in: VGMP3

Vospi tortures Des-ROW - deathkenkai

Download deathkenkai simfile for StepmaniaThis remix was made accidentaly just to try out some filtered bass ideas; it turned out not so bad as expected. Not even close to indexable, of course; look for the indexable files right below.
Featured in: XOON3, lol.

Gackt - Asrun Dream

Download Asrun Dream simfile for StepmaniaA perfect song from My Master featured in his album called MARS. This simfile wasn't accepted to some simpack which name I don't recall; for me, this style of steps seemed quite okay.
Featured in: not yet

Vospi - BarGain

Download BarGain simfile for StepmaniaI focused on stepppebillllettiii while composing this track, and it was really sad to see how it wasn't accepted to PIU Pro due to late submission. Also, I've never AA'ed this file.
Featured in: I don't think so (other chart is not mine and it is hmmmmm pretty bad).

Vospi - video out d

Download video out d simfile for StepmaniaA video out chart which I like the most. The original song is available on this website for free.
Featured in: SMG2 but they goddamn removed really fast parts and turned them into freeze arrows! That was really lame.

The Peter Nice Trio - Son of David

Download Son of David simfile for StepmaniaDon't you love this soulful sound of old Hospital Records? This one is from the 1st label release, a chart features really weird arrows so I would suggest NOT to play it on a note-like noteskin; all this green stuff just messes me up, it looked really nice on solo.
Featured in: SMG2

Xploding Plastix - Having Smarter Babies

Download Having Smarter Babies simfile for StepmaniaNow this band is completely awesome. The whole album called Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents is stunning, production and mood of the recordings are uncomparable. In this file I had to slow down the track in the editor to get the drums with the maximum preciseness, I hope I've reached it, but you are the judges.
Featured in: SMG1

Yu Miyake, Masayuki Tanaka - Katamari on the Rock ~ Main Theme

Download Katamari on the Rock simfile for StepmaniaThis melody is pure childhood happiness and I got nothing to add to that. I believe everyone knows it and I like it a lot more than the game itself.
Featured in: VGMP2

Vospi vs BanYa - Phantom (Psycho Orchestra)

Download Phantom (Psycho Orchestra) simfile for StepmaniaNot my best work but I love how stupid pumpers called this remix Phantom 1.5 and spread all over the net under this name. Uh oh.
Featured in: SMG1

Vospi vs Origa - Inner Universe (speed trance mix)

Download Inner Universe (speed trance mix) simfile for StepmaniaTotally like the original track. Surely, this remix is way worse but still... MP3 file was reworked after this simfile got released in pack, so you should redownload it if you like.
Featured in: SMG1

Vospi - video out c

Download video out c simfile for StepmaniaOne more video out, pretty agressive and fast but not too difficult. Heavy and oni charts are included.
Participated in: stepmaking competition which I don't remember.

Masaya Matsuura - Wait!

Download Wait! simfile for StepmaniaA joke file. The song is from one of the storyline videos from UmJammer Lammy game.
Featured in: VGMP

Masaya Matsuura - Baby Baby!!

Download Baby Baby!! simfile for StepmaniaThis fast and happy rock'n'roll song is from the brilliant music game named UmJammerLammy.
Featured in: VGMP

Vospi - We Met Dat Night (part 2 & 3)

Download We Met Dat Night (part 2 & 3) simfile for StepmaniaI'm proud of this file as it suddenly appears to be the most popular among my charts. All for you, 12th notes lovers. ;) The original full song is available on vospi.com/music for free.
Featured in: Keyboard Collaboration 3

Vospi - You Wanna Me

Download You Wanna Me simfile for Stepmania

The original full version of the song is available on vospi.com/music for free, too. And it's not me on the photo. :)
Featured in: Keys of Flames

Vospi - That is Fair

Download That Is Fair simfile for StepmaniaThis chart was made before the track got accepted to In The Groove game, and I like the original cut way better than extended one.
Featured in: Keys of Flames

Vospi - Nice Nice Noise

Download Nice Nice Noise simfile for StepmaniaIf you've already AAAA'ed Quasar and looking for something new, this might be a good choice because chart appeared to be straight.
Featured in: Keys of Flames

Vospi - video out b

Download video out b simfile for StepmaniaThis chart feels so... natural to me, don't know how to explain it right. Please enjoy! The original full version of the song is available on vospi.com/music for free.
Featured in: —

Vospi - Sun Son Sunday Orange Mix

Download Sun Son Sunday Orange Mix simfile for Stepmania

An easy stepchart for beginners (and I love this banner so much!).
Featured in... I can't remember.

Vospi - Snow Stream

Download Snow Stream simfile for Stepmania

This chart and song mean a lot for me. Very easy but still enjoyable.
Featured in: SS20

Vospi vs Benny Benassi- Satisfaction (160 mix)

Download Satisfaction (160 mix) simfile for StepmaniaAmazingly bad remix and pretty OK chart. This and almost every chart below are pretty easy because they were made, like, back in 2005 or something :)
Featured in nothing I believe. Or some SS that I can't recall now.

Vospi vs RevenG and DE-SIRE - Tsugaru 180

Download Tsugaru 180 simfile for StepmaniaAn old reworked remix and a generic chart.
Featured in: —

Shiki - A Beautiful Wings

Download A Beautiful Wings simfile for Stepmania

Nice title, huh? ;) I've ripped this mp3 from BMS when Shiki released it for one of the BMS competitions.
Featured in: SS20

Vospi - video out a

Download video out a simfile for Stepmania

The 1st one and the strangest one. Heavy and oni charts are here for ya.
Participated in: stepmaking competition which I don't remember.

Technical Itch - Deadline

Download Deadline simfile for Stepmania

Tech Itch music fits the Rollcage: Stage 2 game so nice. It was a nice opportunity to make an easy chart for the first Videogame Megapack.
Featured in: VGMP

Tomosuke - Brazilian Anthem

Download Brazilian Anthem simfile for Stepmania

My favourite sim among the old ones! Song is very nice; reworked this file a bit, got BPM and some notes fixed. Not a hard one, too.
Featured in: —

Gackt - Lu:Na

Download Lu:Na simfile for StepmaniaThis chart was completely reworked; now BMP fits track more, got some notes fixed. And of course this song simply rocks. :)
Featured in: SS20 but now the file got better.

Fantastic Plastic Machine - Green Door

Download Green Door simfile for Stepmania

This one is a mixcut that was ripped from some online radio station. The original track sounds different and is called The Girl Next Door. Very strange file, I think it was made to enjoy the song and nothing more...
Featured in: no way.

Des-ROW - Lime-Light-Iris

Download Lime-Light-Iris simfile for Stepmania

The very 1st keyboard file I've ever tried to do. The song is worth listening, the chart is, well, decent. :)
Featured in: SS20, oh my god.

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  1. I only count 29 files out of your 30 though

    I love your sims though, they're awesome <3

  2. А почему нет Bar Gain?

  3. Vospi im searching for your hardest sims, can i put them into my packs?

    Actually im making "KOMBO Minipack II"

    If i find a hard one, ill tell you first ^^

  4. oh sry, that "Anonymous" was me ¬¬ forgot put my name

  5. Vospi, i liked "Video out e" is good for my pack, can this one enter? ^^

    ill put the link if you want but, in 4 days.


    • thanks for asking! you can use the file. please credit vospi.com somewhere if you can. also please don't alter the sim or soundtrack. thanks :)

      • Yah man, deal hahah

        ok, i'll add that into the "readme.txt"

        I'll search later for the 3rd pack submissions if you want ^^

        Continue with your great job and making new Hard simfiles :D

        Ill post here the link of the pack, so you can see my steps on your songs ^^

        bye bye vospi

  6. roboposition = so fun

    I LOVE IT <3

  7. Tried them on my ITG machine. Onsync on dedicab ITG machines approved!

    • YAY! That’s really great! Thank you!
      I’ll resync them even more precisely this time and will comment back to you.
      Thanks again! This helps a lot!

  8. Add Aha! and Serpent now that LC3 Finale came out.

  9. Would you possibly make another song like vast universe sometime in the future? I’ve loved it ever since I heard it years ago :D

  10. Great music, wish more of the series of: Out of A-B-C etc..!
    Good job!

  11. Do you have another project coming up soon? Will it be the Stepmania version of Video out G?
    If not, which will it be? =)

  12. i hope if you do a new version for We Met Dat Night the full version for stepmania i’ve played the version from odi pack and i got bored :/
    if you do so many thanks :D i’ll continue playing your old awesome files ;)

  13. The songs banner and backgrounds all done by your self ?

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