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Okay, these ones are for your In The Groove dedicab, or for your Stepmania folder, or for your... get your own idea how to use them, it's nothing but simfiles. All files offsets are synced to ITG Officials standard so it should be onsync on dedicab ITG machines (no guarantees though cause they are not tested there yet).

Currently 9 files in the section.

Danny Byrd feat. Netsky - Tonight

single: -/-/-/10/11

Download Danny Byrd feat. Netsky - Tonight simfile for StepmaniaSoulful drum and bass anthem! Simple jungle patterns for your energetic In The Groove fun. :) Two single charts are much alike, but heavy is for those of you who cannot cope with oni steps yet. :)

Vospi - Maslo (special vospi.com edit)

single: -/-/-/-/11

Download Maslo simfile for StepmaniaExclusive version of a song was stepped a bit fancy. Are you going to check it out? For now that's the only place to hear this track with vocals. ;)

Fury - Sugar Donut

single: -/-/-/-/11

Download Sugar Donut simfile for StepmaniaStepped on request for Christmas simfile roulette that sum_feature held at 2010. I had to mess with the original music file to maintain the sync; now it's strictly 135 bpm :). Not quite my type of a song, though.

Vospi - roboposition!!

single: -/-/-/-/11

Download roboposition!! simfile for StepmaniaHere come some very tricky stops, you should try the file out and don't play it on a c-mod! You'll ruin the fun. Check out the chart with 1.5x decel mods on youtube to get scared enough (or to decide that you're way too cool to play it).

Vospi - Serotonin

single: -/3/6/8/-

Download Serotonin simfile for StepmaniaOld one; my Stepmix 2 entry.

Vospi - Golden Cosmonaut

single: -/3/7/9/-

Download Golden Cosmonaut simfile for StepmaniaOld one; my Stepmix 2 entry.

Vospi - Sun Son Sunday Orange Mix

single: -/3/6/8/-

Download Sun Son Sunday Orange Mix simfile for StepmaniaOld one; my Stepmix entry.

Vospi - Eating Candies

single: -/1/6/9/-

Download Eating Candies simfile for StepmaniaOld one; my Stepmix entry.

Mihey & Djumanjee feat. Vospi - TOODA (steady beat ver.)

single: -/2/5/7/-

Download TOODA (steady beat ver.) simfile for StepmaniaOne of that awkward attempts I did back in, like, 2005? :) However, I think now it's the only place to get this file.

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  1. I love Roboposition, thank you!

  2. Слушай, Воспи, 2 вопроса:
    1. Почему ты называешь своипесни едой (масло, пахнет шоколадкой и т. д.)?
    2. Зачем надо было оскорблять самоого лучшего степмейкера Pesezzz! на форуме дансинг хиппо?
    P.S. Мне интересен только ответ на 1 вопрос…

  3. А где видео ауты, лайм лайм ирис, луна и всякое прочее что было раньше? Ты решил их пофиксить и никак не выложишь? ;)

  4. I have a song pack named Vospi’s Special it consist about 10 songs i think
    There are 3 boss songs from that pack : 120 seconds, got STOLEN and Smells like a Chocolate (BPM Edit) with fresh single and double chart from beginner to heavy. Except for Smells like a Chocolate (BPM Edit) and Maslo (Electronic Style). Those two only have oni difficulty on single and double.
    How do you think ?

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