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  1. при ссылке на фэйсбук открывается картинка, а не страница

  2. thanks, mr. watermelon. ;)

  3. Keep up the amazing work. You are truely inspirational to me, and many others I'm sure! :D

  4. Thank you for offering great stuff. I was really impressed by yours :)

    (Ah, Did you made whole part of BMS by yourself? I wonder :) )

    • GFX sources for Snow Stream were made with help of two friends of mine; I've created everything else and put together. I'm especially thankful for noticing BMS section, I've put a lot of effort into it, Snow Stream even won BMS contest and mainbow.nothing. But it appears that custom BMS files are not actual for European community. Thanks you once again for your feedback. Please stay in touch, you can use RSS feed for managing it. :)

  5. Nice production. I enjoyed it very much!

    *Мелодика в трэках очень крута. Талантище ;)

  6. Is your music on facebook, too?

  7. клёвая музыка!!! очень понравилось))))))

  8. салюююююттттттт!!!!!!!!!!!! а мона чё нить такое, что б простнутся и не спать неделю подряд?

    заранее спасибо от аниме-клуба Дайто из г. Славянск-на-Кубани

  9. а есть что- нибудь из аниме Блич? С детства есть мечта, услышать по радио нечто на подобии))))

  10. I heard ‘We met dat night’ on a Bemani machine here in australia today :)

  11. Me encanta tu mùsica :)
    I love your music!
    saludos desde Mèxico :D

  12. You’re the best, man. This music, it’s just… so great. There’s no real way to describe it, but the first time I heard one of your songs, Reverence, I fell in love with it. It’s still my favourite song. Ringtone/midi version of it would be awesome.
    Also, if you’re into it, why not make another waltz, or a 5/4 even.

  13. Hello. I’m from Korea. I heard your music. It was great. Especially, reverence, nervous, that is fair is my favorite in your songs. By the way, how much do you know about South Korea? South Korea is famous for IT technology, semiconductor, K-POP, and the other. Especially, 강남스타일(Gangnam Style) was most famous K-POP song. It was made by PSY. By the way, I watch the video named Vospi – Zatsenikakebashit.wav. It was made by you, isn’t it? In this video, the monitor was made by 삼성(Samsung). It is a korean enterprise. LG is also a korean enterprise. So how many do you use articles of Korean? How do you think about Korea? Anyway, I like your music. Goodbye(In korean, 안녕히 계세요
    P.S. Hello is 안녕하세요 in Korean. And, we say korea 대한민국.

    • I was to Seoul once during WPF’05. So my knowledge is pretty much limited to the things I was there.

      I think that your way to introduce your country could be historically correct, but is somewhat strange. I possibly could say that Russia is famous for vast territory, Lomonosov and Tatu, but that would be almost totally unrelated to the life I’m living here. I guess I shouldn”t have an “outsider’s look” on my country, so while your country is famous for K-POP, you maybe value your culture and your people for something else.

      What could it possibly be?

      • Well, I don’t know what could it possibly be. But I just like my country, Korea. There is no reason. I think korean culcure, technology, and the other is good for me. My mind was too excited for my contry, and for you. I’m really sorry if your feel was bad.

        P.S Your music is great.(Am I told it the last time?) I’ll download and listen your songs.

        By the way, if I understood wrong, please understand me.

        • Just wanted to have a discussion, completely nothing is wrong on my side.

          • Ahh…That’s my mistake…I’m very sorry. I’m weak in various ways. By the way, I’m too busy now. I have to do something. So please wait. I don’t know how long will it take. So I’ll talk to you later. Goodbye.

  14. And I can’t speak and write English very well.
    I don’t want to bring out my name.

  15. I just recently came in contact with your music, and let me just say, I can’t get Kind Words out of my head. Any chance you gotta 320 sitting around for a fella?

  16. Hello. Today(december 25th) is christmas in here. I searched about russian christmas. So Russian christmas is january 7th, isn’t it? So I understood about discussion. Because I can’t speak English very well. Even if I understand wrong again, please understand. By the way, when will your song release? I still wait your new song.

    • You’re not revealing your person on purpose and that’s your choice, but I feel like that’s not playing out as a part of a friendly chat you’re suggesting here, as you know exactly who I am. What do you think?

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