vospi I'm absolutely not a goddamn electronic producer

FAQ about the site

What is Vospi?

Vospi is a music artist. The about me page explains more.

How can I download your music? Is it possible at all?

Surprisingly, this is the most common question. Is it possible? Yes, it is. This site hosts my music that is free to download. Everything is in the music section, you can listen to the tracks right there. IF you want to download anything, do the following: right click on a link and choose an option to save as a file (depends on your browser, "Save As" or "Save Link As...", whatever).

Where can I buy your music?

Right here. Also, sooner or later Vospi Powered label is going to sell CDs through this site.

I want to be updated about your new tracks and videos. What are my options?

Follow me on social networks: Facebook, Youtube and Soundcloud.

Can I help?

Try the easiest way: SPREAD THE WORD. That'll help a lot. Really.

There's a simfiles page on the site. What are simfiles?

Simfiles are a bit like additional game levels, they are used for music games simulation. In music games, you have to do some action (press a key, step on a button, hit the drum etc.) according to music tempo and rhythm. I'm huge fan of these games, you will probably love them, too. Read more on the subject in my article.

Can I use your track for my simfile?

Sometimes people are willing to create custom simfile using my music. I love it. :) So, usually, all one have to do is to ask for the permission (using my e-mail box). Mail me, we will work everything out.

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