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Real name: Sergey Anikin
Date of birth: 26.09.1986
Hometown: Krasnodar, Russia
Workstation: PC, Fl Studio 9, REAPER

Equipment: ESI Juli@, KRK RP5G2, ElectroVoice RE410, Phonic AM440, Fina guitar, Ibanez guitar, Zimmerman upright piano

Music genres: various; mainly dream and bass spiced up with jazz, popular music influences.

Nickname Vospi is based on the word «воспитанный» (spelled vospitanniy) which means something like courteous in Russian. So the word is just cut. I play piano and guitar (though I'm certainly an amateur as a performer), also I study vocal, but sequencing, writing and mixing are my favourites and main focuses. I believe in miracles that happen between people. I like dreaming and listening to the inner euphory. Also I hate my sloppy English :)

To the moment of my career, I've hit several music games' tracklists, such as: Pump It Up Fiesta EX, Pump It Up Pro 2, iDance 1-2, DJManiax, Third Style, Flash Flash Revolution. My influences are: Gackt, The Cranberries, London Elektricity, Frou Frou, Imogen Heap, Guy Sigsworth, m-flo, Miles Davis, Tomosuke, Spor, Noisia, Pendulum, Yoko Kanno, «Сплин», Земфира, «Мумий Тролль», capsule.

Nice to meet you. :)
If you don't know where to go further, just click: music page and Youtube.

Please enjoy your stay.

Thank you.

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  1. i thought you used Reason? <3

  2. I love Subway too. =)

  3. Мда…Снова инглиш…как зафакал это лэнгвич…ппц просто…

    Тезка, респа тебе…Сам мастачу…Пока учусь тока…времени минимал =(

  4. Hey, do you play Audio Surf? I just beat your score on Roboposition!! =)

  5. Have you taken music theory or does all of this just come to you? haha

  6. You use FL Studio 8?
    I've used it too (or a version of it) in my Music courses at my College, it is a fun program! :D

    • yeah it came that I use fl since 3rd version so I’m just so familiar with it that I can’t think of switch. and it never failed me when treated right

  7. You are…amazing. You are an inspiration for so many to be creative and unleash the artistic ability we all have. I really enjoy your work Vospi, and I can't wait to hear (and see) more! Keep up the great work!

  8. ))))Подруга скинула вчера ковер версию freesia op. 1 с ютуба.. хм.. мне сначала смешно было, но когда ты начал петь.. я десять раз написла ей в асю, "не поставили ли это чей-то чужой голос?!?!?"теперь сижу прилепленная к монитору и пересматриваю раз 15. *кажется у меня клиника на музыкантов*XDDDDУдачи на музыкальном поприще))

  9. Just Great!!!
    Amazing Music!
    Kinda inspiration for me ;)

  10. Воспи Воспи Воспи…*__* я тебя обожаю :D ты афигенно поешь и пишешь музыку! творческих успехов тебе :D

  11. after i heard your music (smells like chocolate) on piu fiesta ex, i’m in love with your music! XDD
    keep up the good work.. if it’s possible, i’d like to play your other music on pump it up! ;DD

  12. you have a unique sound that i enjoy.

    please continue to make music. i especially find your reverence song good.

  13. Привет! Чувствуется талант педагога – объяснять просто и понятно вещи представляющиеся для непосвященных темным лесом. Было бы очень приятно и полезно увидеть продолжение лекций по основаи музыки и музицирования для чайников. Читать “Теорию музыки” скучновато, а в виде наглядных видеолекций в кайф!

    Удачи во всем!

    • большое спасибо, надеюсь, что будут ещё поводы записать уроки и встретиться снова.

  14. Hi Vospi!
    When I first heard your Smells Like A Chocolate in PIU Fiesta EX, I never removed it in my stepchart lists. :D Your music Is just amazing!
    More powers to you and may many many many more songs from you come out!
    Greetings here in the Philippines!


    • I really like the “more power to you” quote because it’s in the song of one of my most beloved bands called Xploding Plastix. check them out if you’ll have a chance. :)

      Greetings from Russia!

  15. >>Music genres: various; mainly dream and bass spiced up with jazz, popular music influences.

    Воспи, там точно должно быть именно “dream and bass”?

  16. Privet Vospi! Do you remember me from the old times of stepmania? I’m glad you are still doing fine, and your website looks nicer than ever! Such a long step compared to the vospi.bemafia.ru site you used to have back then :p

    I accidentally lost all of the music i had saved and with it your songs too, it was very pleasing to see they are still all available, even the oldest ones. And there are some new ones too! can’t wait to get them.

    Cheers from an old friend.

  17. Даешь талант и качество! Хочу альбомов себе! Я только начал открывать для себя “музыку в России”:D И ведь она действительно есть)

  18. Hey, Nice to meet you, finally!!!! :D I love smells like a chocolate, I’m starting to discover more about you. I heard you for the first time in the pump it up.
    Hugs and kisses from Mexico :)

  19. Hello vospi, i’m a big fan of you!
    i have one question to you…
    Nervous was in Pump It Up Infinity?? :)
    (sorry for my bad english)

    PD: Make more dnb :)

  20. Hello Vospi =)
    I really am happy to know about you and your life.
    Because your song “Smell like a Chocolate” marked my life in 2011.
    This was in the MPF2011 (Mexican Pump Festival 2011) when they made a tribute to the participants of this year with this nice song as they passed the names of the players.
    It was very important to me. Since the time when it starts “1:20” appears in the video my name as “Tokes” forming the combo of “1000” Steps.

    You can watch the video at this link:
    Or this one:

    Also because this was the national event with which I won my travel and participation in the country of China.
    I thank you for creating a very magical song with the name “Smell like a Chocolate”.
    Whenever I hear this song I will remember what it feels like to be a champion.

    Thank you.
    And maybe I do not know you in person, but from Mexico you’ve earned a friend in me.
    Tokes – México ^^

  21. Your music is amazing man. Glad to see it on PIU. Keep up the good work.

  22. You’re very talented. I think you should submit some of your work to game companies looking for styles just like yours.
    Another jazzy song i think you may enjoy.


  23. can you play piu?

  24. i’m a big fan of you!♡♡♡♡♡

  25. I am a big fan of you too since you put music into cytus! Thank you very much! Hope you keep making those good dnb and give them to rayark!!!!

  26. Conocí tu música a partir de la Pump It Up, ¡muy buenas rolas vospi! Saludos desde D.F., México.

  27. Does your name vospi mean playback? cuz I searched in google translate and they gave me this: воспи….and on google translate it is pronounced vospi and when translated to English it says playback…

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