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Maslo in PIU Pro 2 – redone

As you may know, I've got Maslo licensed for use in PIU Pro2 game.
The following post concerns people who actually play this game, as I do.
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(1) I did edit steps for the song and want to present them to you. :)
For the download link, read further.

download Maslo simfile + Vospi's rainbow edit

(2) During research, I've discovered that the quality of the track was noticeably degraded. Compared to the original lossless track I gave to developers, the game's cut sounded way worse than 320kbps ogg should. This, and also some minor syncing issues, are fixed in the simfile you can download from the link above, but still I wonder, did other respectful producers like Sanxion, Celldweller (Switchback is clearly offsync on the machine!), Zircon etc. that were licensed by Fun in Motion noticed that their product was processed, to say so, ineffectively? And will we have a single music game machine that's delivered from syncing and editing issues? I would be gald to see that, and I have to admit that Pro 2 got as close as it probably could, and still I'm looking for more.

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  1. would love to see more songs from you in the international releases eg fiesta2, im sure those issues wouldnt happen or at least they’d be addressed

  2. Funny how I never noticed that particular cymbal sound at 1:25 until you put a triple jump in there :) This song is fascinating. Keep finding something new every time I listen.

  3. Urgh. This song always gives me some energy when i’m down. Keep playing Pump, and keep exploring music :)

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