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Smells like a Chocolate in PIU Fiesta EX

OK, now that's a shame!

I always thought that Pump step editing team needs some new members invasion, at least in the terms of syncing. Still, I can't believe my eyes. :) God, let me in, I'll fix EVERYTHING they got wrong in that machine! :)

BUT! NO MATTER WHAT! We're in PUMP IT UP now. And that's for real. And that is great.
Thanks EVERYONE for supporting this. It's great you like the song! Finally it made its way to the audience through all these years, and I'm happy, too. Honestly, I'd like to participate more in the life of PIU, I got skills and ideas, but... But even if it's the last time I had a chance — you know, it's a great thing to feel. Thanks Andamiro, thanks Fun In Motion staff (you do know that I mean you! and you! and you! great stepcharts! slick banner! rock solid sync! and your politeness! is something that I won't forget) and... thank you who sang this melody along, even if it happened once in your life.

Extra links:
S16 stepchart Vospi - Smells like a Chocolate (Fiesta EX)
D17 stepchart Vospi - Smells like a Chocolate (Fiesta EX)
my Youtube videos
and my music.

Say HOLA, party people!!

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  1. love that song on piu fiesta EX ver. 1.30 XDD

  2. Smells like a chocolate is an awesome song!

    Now I’ll be waiting for an appearence of Sun Son Sunday (Orange Mix) on the next PIU. :D

  3. I want to see single 9 so bad!!!! D: Please someone upload that!!

  4. Can i at get the simfile too??

  5. Ah forget, there’s the single 9 within the video of single 16 =P

  6. (Sorry for this comment is not related to your post above, Well, I actually live in a place pretty close to the arcade managed directly by Andamiro though. :p) I’m from South Korea. Your music is so awesome! I’m now playing your mp3s. Thx for nice music!

  7. Oh, your song is actually available on Pump! I haven’t known ’cause I’m not a big fan of arcade music game. At least, I play any other kinds of music game like DJMAX and BEMANI, but not DDR and Pump. (Maybe I’m afraid of starting a new kind of music game. My pocket money leaks! XD)
    But now I know your music is on Pump, and I might try it!

  8. This is just awesome, effort brings you everywhere

  9. I really love your song in Fiesta EX! I just can’t hear it without singing along (actually I don’t know the lyrics, I try to lipsing it heheh =D) A friend just showed me your website and I’m meeting other Vospi songs right now. I just have one thing to say: your fans list just raised by 1 ;)

  10. …I really love this song! ever since I heard this one on Pump it Up, I can’t stop playing it haha. anyway great work with this song keep it up! XD

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