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Vospi hugs Act Deft – Quick Master

Running to and from on the imaginary streets... you just cannot catch your dream, sinking in it every night. You even know the name of your dream, but you're not able to touch it through years and years.

But one fine day you open the new door.
And you start to play a new game.

Vospi hugs Act Deft - Quick Master
mp3 192kpbs; 02:22; remix; 3,27 Mb

I am so happy — it seems that I've worked it out.

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  1. Why so short? Why 192?
    I want post it in my blog, but 192…

    And where the player? JW player is easy to install.
    Do u have soundcloud? Embed SC player is also good.

  2. thanks! =)

    so, not bad, but clap, snare+clap, clap, snare+clap, they realy mind blow! =)

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