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maslo — sound redone


I'm constantly improving my production skills to sound more mature. :) This time I decided to rework my latest released track, Maslo, and I'm pretty satisfied with the results. You're welcome to download the new version — it's just the same link on the good old music page.

wanted to ask you a favor — if you are really interested in my music works and consider them interesting, please spread the word about this blog. I'd really like to put more effort into this project, and it would be pleasant to see you here again or among RSS subscribers. I would especially like to thank Noon who supports me all time, and it feels very encouraging.

Oh, and I've alsmot forgot.
If you want 320kbps version, just contact me.

      Vospi - Maslo
<<< download me!

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  1. this release makes me feel 2 things simultaneously: enormous enviness for your skill and happiness to being able to 1) percept the results 2) collaborate with you.

    please keep up the great effort.

  2. Thank you for sharing this.

    I first heard Maslo in Pump It Up Pro 2. The song really caught my attention, so I went online to look for it and found the full version here. The first time I heard the full version, it blew me away and moved me to tears. I have listened to it over and over many times since then, and it still blows me away (and also sometimes moves me to tears again). Your technical skill as a producer is amazing, but it wouldn’t mean anything without all the emotion you put into the music. You have such great attention to detail, every little inflection on the notes and sounds just tugs at my heart.

    I personally feel that this song perfectly expresses many of the emotions I’m going through right now. But music is subjective, and I wonder what you were feeling when you wrote this song. I would guess, something completely different than what I feel when I hear it :) One of the beautiful things about music, every listener can have a different personal experience of it.

    Great work. I cannot even express to you how much I am moved by it.

    • Hello, Amy.

      Maslo means a lot to me. It stands right on the edge between… let’s say between what I want to do (as a musician) and what I want to hear (as a technician if I can call myself like that). It wasn’t the thing that was woooorked and wooorked out hardly — it just, well, happened, and I think you know what I mean. It lived without me and grew that way.

      But it’s not the point.

      These days my mind is getting more and more seducted by electronic music, and the majority of it is tasteless, frigid trash that teaches us to follow dancefloor standard. It feels like someone is pushing me far from my beloved notes to cold and fearless synths, and I can’t resist. And every single word in your comment just drags me back, to the world which I want to belong to, where I really want to stay now for some time. It seemed that there’re not so much of that words left for me, but still…

      “Thank you for sharing this.”.

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