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Vospi – Napad (remix 04) feat. BEMAFIA

Once again, new track from Napad series was performed on stage during Pump It Up championship — now not on local event but on RPF-2009 (Russian Pump Festival). Woohoo, big one. I was really glad people enjoyed the thing, hope you will, too. Still this Napad is not my favourite one, and if you want to check other Napads out, you should dig youtube links that I will list below. And for now — remix 04, finally!

Previous versions:
remix 03
remix 02 (oops, it wasn't released)
remix 01
original Napad video

      original Napad mp3

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  1. you never cease to amaze me haha. amazing work vospi. I wish pump it up was that big out here in Canada…it's limited to myself =<

  2. Wow, that's great :). Vospi, where's you on this video?

  3. клева!!!!у тебя большое будущее))

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