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What is Vivabemani?

What the freaking hell is going on?

It's Vivabemani.

Hey, what is Vivabemani?

Vivabemani is bemani nonstop mixes series produced by Vospi. By the way, it doesn't exist.


Vivabemani mix DOESN'T EXIST. Yeah, right.

Stop fooling around and tell us already.

One cold russian night I was performing as a DJ at an anime-party. My party set consisted of bemani tracks, and that was the moment Vivabemani idea was born. To say in short, Vivabemani are generic nonstop mixes with some extra features. Basically, you can just dance or relax while listening to your favourite tunes from different music games like DDR, IIDX, Pump; but there's also another side.

If you are a real Bemani freak, you'll find out for sure that some tracks here are slightly tweaked. From ordinary pitchshifting to huge mashups — everything is allowed in the mix to have fun. Have you ever heard about Exotic Ethnic (dead endlephant mix) or Abyss (CHAMPION bass bootleg)? Hell no. These tracks DON'T EXIST. But still Vivabemani is the place to find these ones. Got the idea? ;)

To sum everything, I'd like to say that Vivabemani was produced FOR YOU. For music games community that adores everything that I adore, too. So, I hope you'll enjoy this work devoted to music that inspired us to play this strange games years ago.

To download Vivebemani mixes visit Vospi's mixes page.

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