vospi official mp3 collection (and even vospi sits right on the hyperlink and sings songs)

un desiderio segreto

A new live piano track is available. Recording quality is poor, but I'm still proud to present you my new piece un desiderio segreto, mostly composed during actual recording. Once again, please excuse me for this poor sound quality and badly tuned piano, I hope it won't spoil your joy. You can find this new piece in the music section and "rightclick - save as" as usual. Also, I suggest you to subscribe to Vospi's Youtube channel cause I'm getting some old live videos ready to be posted and still have some other interesting stuff. Thank you :)

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mr. update

Hey, they call me Mr. Update today! Hello everybody, I'm here to thank you for hitting my page more and more and to present you some new tracks and bonuses. First of all, music section was updated. Not only with glitchy video out d and toothkicking BarGain, but with a brand new Lonely Pretender track. Don't forget to look through new videos and find Snow Stream live among them! To add more, simfiles section was updated with Stepmix2 entries and some nice KB files from popular packs. If you would like to review something you saw or heard here or just to tell me something you want to, please use contacts section and get me via mail, ICQ or livejournal.