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nu:tone – broken (vospi remix)

It's there, done in one day, only vocal line is used, everything else is original. So, Nu:Tone - Broken (featuring Kyan) (Vospi remix) is available in the music section, and I really hope you'll enjoy that one.

If you're a DJ and would like to have the track in HQ, message me.
And don't forget to have a nice day. :)

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  1. Great track, Vospi! I love the “cool” sounding atmosphere while still giving the DnB pace going. It’s very slick.


    vospi Reply:

    great review! :) I feel a lot better about romantic styles than an aggressive ones, so that’s how it works for me.
    fast pace is all what dnb is about, but it still can feel like an lonely evening in the big city, not like a violent slaughter scene.


    Adam Davis Reply:

    I agree and well put, sir.
    Thank you for this track, I’ve significantly increased the mileage on my Traktor with it.
    (Please send me the 320kbps version please)


    vospi Reply:

    Adam, I’d be happy to, what’s the destination? :)


  2. если я правильно поняла, то голос из оригинального трека, а музыка уже твоих рук творение?

    очень красиво, мне понравилось.
    то что качественно сделано, наверное, даже не стоит говорить.

    поздравляю с еще одним шикарным треком.


    vlada Reply:

    еще хочу заметить, что трек очень мягкий, нежный даже.

    настроение сразу лирическое после нескольких прослушиваний.


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