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massive covers post

For some reason I've produced couple of covers recently. Not quite sure why it was so; I believe I just enjoy singing songs of my favourite having a chance to interpret them.

(1) The main one for today.

Gackt covered by Vospi - freesia op.1
original song: Gackt - freesia op.1

All arrangement was totally performed by myself in my home studio; original song is performed by Gackt, and it's my passion for many years. Video was made for New Hardcore Konvent 2.0 show; MANY thanks to docik, bu_nya and floyd for help.

(2) Short one. :)

Splean covered by Vospi - Podvodnaya lodka
+ "vocals only" version
original song: Сплин - Подводная лодка

Only live instruments, heavy overdrive on master bus, 3 vocal lines. I enjoy this because the original song is just too cool (it sound a bit dusty though :)).

(3) Jazzy one.

5nizza covered by Vospi - Ya s toboy
original song: 5nizza - Я с тобой

My comrade Leila needed this track as a part of her vocal competition bill; I've created the arrangement and then tried myself at this one. Not the best one for myself, but not too bad indeed.

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  1. Пыщ!

    Молодец, так держать! :)


    vospi Reply:

    отвечаю сразу же, как наконец поборол яву на компе. :)) спасибо!


  2. Волшебно! ^___^

    Видео улыбнуло, тронуло, порадовало и все вместе сразу..) творческих успехов тебе ^__^ ждем креатива non-stop 8)


  3. Знаешь, у тебя получается петь… "чувственнее"… с душой что ли.

    in general… like it so much (%


    vospi Reply:

    спасибо большое. когда на техники пения нет, на что ж ещё уповать-то :)


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